Thursday, 30 January 2014

Week #3

In week 3, we learned about Exceptions; what they are and how to use them. I have done Java previously for 3 years, so I know about exceptions, but they work a bit differently in Python. In Java, they are try-catch, but in Python they are try-except, which I find is a bit strange. Usually when someone throws an object, the other person would try to catch it, but in this case, I guess they would "except" it, ha ha.

Any ways, the lab we did this week was also pretty straight forward but fun to do. I finished the lab successfully, which made the day even better. Lectures are also getting more interesting as we are progressing deeper into Python. I mentioned it in the discussion forum of CSC148, but I'll say it again here; I found the "" to be quite funny because it reminds of me wanting to be a dentist and a programmer at the same time.

The lectures are not full every time, albeit IB 110 IS a big room. I am wondering if there aren't a lot of students in class or maybe they don't come to class anymore, but the size of the class really decreased lately, a lot of free seats.

Looking forward to seeing what we will be doing in class next week. Hope everyone has a good weekend.

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