Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Week #1 of CSC148

As of today at 11 AM, the first week of CSC148 is over. This week was mostly review from what was previously learnt in CSC108. Of course for me, it was a review from two years ago, since I took CSC108 in 2012.

The first exercise was posted on the course website and I have already finished it. I haven't programmed in Python for a while, but they were review, so it wasn't too bad.

Still waiting for the MarkUs link to be up so I can submit my SLOG.txt as well as my exercise py files. One thing I like about all CSC courses is the discussion board. It's a really useful thing and a lot of people who are either too shy to ask a TA or instructor directly or are in no position to go to a TA or instructor's office(s) can just post there and get a quick response from other classmates.

So overall, this week has been pretty good and I am interested to see what we will be doing in CSC148 next week.

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