Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Week #2 of CSC148

Week #2 of CSC148, we went through lectures on stacks and queues. What I found interesting about these two was the efficiency of both is different. Stacks are faster than Queues, assuming that the Queue class's dequeue() method is not optimized, while the Stack class is very easy to optimize.

Besides that, there was a question we did in class about finding the size of a stack. A lot of people found different ways of doing the problem and everyone learned that there were definitely a lot of efficient ways and a lot of not-so-efficient ways. It was a pretty good practice problem for testing what the best and fastest way is of solving a problem.

Last thing we covered in a hurry was the balanced parentheses problem. This problem was a good one as well. It tested our String manipulation skills. I was hoping we had more time to discuss the problem in lecture, because I wanted to see what other people came up with. I'm sure there were a lot of ways of doing it.

Overall, week #2 was excellent and enjoyable. Looking forward to next week's lectures.

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