Thursday, 13 March 2014

Week 7

This week we learned about Linked Lists. A Linked List is kind of like a list of lists, except in a Linked List, you've got the item (can be any object) and the next item (can be None or another Linked List). This week's lab was learning to re-create Queue class using the Linked List instead of python's built-in list class.

The goal in this lab was to see how implementing Linked Lists for Queue class improved efficiency. When we implemented the Queue class using a basic list, the dequeue() method was what really made the whole class perform slow.

A lot of people didn't finish the lab, so next week's lab will be the same thing (try to finish the enqueue() and dequeue() methods to receive the mark).

Linked Lists are a pretty easy concept and are easy to re-create. You just have to understand why they are called "Linked" Lists.

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