Thursday, 27 March 2014

Week 10

This week we learned about sorting algorithms. There are a lot of sorting algorithms out there and we learned a few of them like bubble sort, quick sort, merge sort and insertion sort. My favourite one is Bubble sort because it sounds like I'm saying "Bulbasaur" and it is probably one of the slowest sorting algorithms for extremely large sets of data.

I remember implementing and learning about sorting algorithms in grade 11 programming class back in high school, that was really fun. There, we actually did an assignment where we searched up some different kinds of sorting algorithms that weren't as cliche to learn in a CS class (Yeah, I'm talking about CSC148). On the test there, one of the questions asked to implement one of the sorting methods we did on the assignment and I remember writing code for "Gnome Sort", I don't even remember implementing it correctly at all.

Any ways, the great thing about the sorting algorithms that we did in the CSC148 lectures that I already knew about is that there are countless ways to implement them in any programming language. The simpler the implementation, the more efficient the sorting algorithm performs, right? WRONG! Each sorting algorithm has an efficiency that is already been determined based on the worst case scenario.

I did OK on the test, didn't try very hard at all. Probably should have studied more, but I was busy playing Alliance of Valiant Arms. Didn't bother going to the lab, because I had some medical stuff to do, not that it would matter to anyone. Just waiting for the exam now so that this class can end.

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