Saturday, 5 April 2014

Week 12

I know I don't have a post for week 11, but I pretty much did week 10 and 11 in a single post. This was the last week of class of CSC148 and pretty much an entrance into the summer of 2014. Learned some new tricks while learned to use old tricks better this time around.

I think my favourite topic in this course was recursion and its related labs. It was really fun finding a really tiny solution to problems that can be solved recursively. The only recursive problem I didn't enjoy was from assignment 1, but I recently saw a post from another student that helped me understand a lot better at what I was doing wrong with it.

I really liked Dan's teaching style, it was casual, but he had his serious moments too. I wouldn't mind him teaching again for a second or third year computer science course. I also read, commented and shared some of the other student's slogs through my own (on my Google+ page), they had some great ideas for different kinds of approaches to difficult problems in this course.

Was a good year overall, looking forward to seeing people from CSC148 in CSC207 next year.